The answer to this post is very complex. But I want to publish one redacted example which shows how the claims management of independent adjusters seem more concerned about pleasing the insurance company bottom line rather than properly adjusting the claim as required by law:

In Do Independent Property Claims Adjusters Need More Legal Protection From Unethical Managers? I noted:

The property insurance claims industry is increasingly turning to independent adjusters rather than company adjusters. The number of independent adjusters calling, texting, and literally confessing to me about unethical conduct has exploded over the last few years. My thought is that insurance companies are hiring independent adjustment firms and then placing financial pressure on those entities to reduce claims severity. Insurers trying to make their financial claims goals will simply hire a competitor of the independent adjusting firm if those numbers are not met. Those independent adjustment companies, in turn, have their claims managers place more emphasis upon closing claims for less than what is owed—damn regulatory ethics requirements and good faith treatment.

I think it is important to remember that most states consider the practice of property insurance claims as one involving the public trust. 

When ethical claims adjusters cannot say that a damaged roof needs to be replaced because an insurance company has set unfair parameters for that determination, some claims adjusters will quit. When ethical claims adjusters cannot say that a damaged roof needs to be replaced and they do not get fully paid for their independent adjustment work because the insurance company wants to underpay the policyholder and the independent adjuster, many more property claims adjusters will quit.

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