Steve Badger claimed that many more insurance companies will be placing managed repair options into insurance policies. During our debate at the Lloyd’s Property Insurance Claims Group Conference last week, Badger seemed confident that managed repair is coming to many states. Since I have had private discussions with insurance industry insiders telling me that insurers in “hail states” are planning to follow Florida’s lead and seek approval for forms allowing insurers to designate “preferred vendors” to make repairs, Badger’s comments and prediction should be taken seriously. Continue Reading Will Managed Repair Be Found in Most Property Insurance Policies?

The first standard fire insurance policy was mandated by Massachusetts in 1873.1 For those interested in the older standard insurance policies, Rough Notes published a book briefly discussing the early history of standard fire insurance policies called The Standard Fire Policy.2 Continue Reading The First Standard Fire Policy—Did It Contain an Arbitration Clause Rather Than an Appraisal Clause?

The two people on the right of this picture are happy Merlin Law Group policyholder clients following a jury trial verdict this week. The verdict amount was greater than the public adjuster’s estimate. I would be smiling as well with that result. Attorneys Dennis Bailey and Anthony Orlando along with paralegal Genevib Bertoncini were the trial team achieving this result. Continue Reading Jury Trial Win For Policyholders

Steve Badger thought I was dead on the ropes. He left himself wide open when he admitted that the first three things he does when he wakes in the morning is to get a cup of coffee, open the news, and read Chip Merlin’s blog. The conservative Lloyd’s crowd laughed heartily when I replied that Steve’s life needs a little more excitement if reading this blog is making his first three things he does every morning list. Continue Reading Lloyd’s Property Insurance Claims Group—Badger v. Merlin IV

Many readers know that yours truly was appointed as the insurance coverage counsel for the class of victims at the Champlain Towers collapse in Surfside, Florida. A settlement was announced in open court yesterday for nearly a billion dollars. I am certain the final amount of insurance coverage recovered will be over one billion dollars—all within a year from the catastrophe. Continue Reading Champlain Towers Catastrophe Reaches $997M In Settlements

Face to face interactions and trust built upon prior experience are important factors to those working at Lloyd’s. This was my impression about the professionals working at Lloyd’s after visiting Lloyd’s earlier today. Continue Reading Lloyd’s Marketplace of Interaction and Lloyd’s Pubs

“Doctor, thanks for seeing me; this is what you should do to properly treat and cure me.” Can you imagine this scenario? Can you imagine paying a doctor and the doctor expecting that you will order what is needed for you to be cured? Of course not. Continue Reading The Insurance Industry Knows That Most Policyholders Are Not Properly Insured

Colorado has suffered major wildfire catastrophes. There are not enough contractors to handle the repairs. As a result, Colorado issued new regulations for insurers regarding the handling of these claims. Continue Reading Colorado Adopts Regulations to Prevent Insurers from Stopping ALE and Replacement Cost Benefits