The title of this post is what I thought while reading a motion for summary judgment filed last week in a pending Arizona case in which our firm has no involvement.1 Unless the policyholder may have criminal implications arise as a result of providing testimony, I would suggest there is no upside to refusing to go to a pre-suit demand for an examination under oath.        

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Economic downturns can cause an increase in vacancies, as I wrote about thirteen years ago in FC&S Warns Agents and Policyholders to Watch the Vacancy Exclusionary Clause. A lot of other reasons cause commercial buildings to become vacant and may adversely impact the amount of available insurance coverage if the building sustains a loss during that vacancy.

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One year ago, I wrote Does the Appraisal Process Violate the Constitution? This was about a Hurricane Irma appraisal case which is still moving at a snail’s pace. The parties have not even started the appraisal process because of all the issues being raised by the insurance company. The federal appellate court ruled last week that those issues could not be ruled upon until a final judgment is entered by the trial court.1 

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The whopping bad faith verdict I wrote about in Whopping Bad Faith Verdict Caused By Insurers Hiring the Policyholder’s Expert, almost never happened. The insurance policy required a lawsuit to be filed within a year of the loss. The lawsuit was not filed within that time frame.

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The Academy of Insurance membership is a deal for those wishing to learn how the insurance product is supposed to work. Members of Merlin Law Group regularly schedule classes to learn how the insurance industry thinks about its operations and products. Professionals in the claims industry should join the Insurance Academy and learn from its course offerings.

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The Merlin Law Group is often approached by individuals wishing to make insurance claims on policies where they are not the named insured. These are typically shareholders or members of a corporate insured seeking to make claims for bad faith or emotional damages due to an insurer’s denial of benefits. A recent unpublished case from the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit shed light on which parties have the right to make a claim or sue on a commercial insurance policy.

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Hurricane season is quickly approaching. As Floridians, we are well acquainted with the immense power and destruction these storms can bring. The upcoming Atlantic Hurricane Season runs from June 1 through November 30, 2023.

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A whopping bad faith $112 Million punitive damage verdict in an Indiana federal court last week appears to be the result of insurers trying to “flip-flop” the policyholder’s expert consultant.1 The trial court noted the issue, denying the insurers’ motion for summary judgment of the bad faith action:  

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