At Merlin Law Group, P.A., our mission is to provide efficient and effective legal counsel, service, and advocacy to insurance policyholders and claimants. Our practice is focused on insurance law. We provide legal services related to:

  • Insurance claim presentation
  • Business income loss claims
  • Director and officer liability claims
  • Coverage disputes
  • Insurance bad faith issues
  • ADR services
  • Insurance litigation
  • Appeals

Our attorneys and staff are passionate about the rights of individuals and fervently believe that professionals and corporations should be held to their word. When we enter into discussions or set foot inside of the courtroom there is no doubt about whose side we are on: we represent the policyholder. In all cases, wherever they lead, it is our policy to use every ounce of the intellect, creativity, and tenacity that we possess to secure full and fair compensation for each policyholder.