Water Damage Loss Time Limits and Hidden Damage—What Do Insurers Promise to Departments of Insurance?

I spoke about water damage loss at the National Association of Public Insurance Adjusters Annual Convention last week. One issue I discussed was the time limits of water damage. A recent post, Avoiding Denials of Water Damage Claims Based on “Long Term Damage Exclusions” also discussed the issue. Continue Reading

In California, Can an Insured Homeowner Recover Full Replacement Cost by Purchasing a Home at Another Location?

The short answer is yes. In Conway v. Farmers Home Mutual Insurance Company, the California Court of Appeal followed several out-of-state authorities in considering the issue and ruling in favor for the insured.1 Chip Merlin raised this issue with respect to Texas back in 2009 – finding that the courts there apply the law a bit differently. You can revisit the blog here: Obtaining Full Replacement Cost Benefits Through Replacement at a Different Location – Texas Style. Continue Reading

New York District Court Uses Discretion, Allows Pro Se Litigant to Perfect Service

Edmund Sanderson owned a house in Plattsburgh, New York. On January 7, 2014, he discovered water and mold damage at his home. He then notified his insurance carrier, First Liberty Insurance Corporation. After several months of negotiating, Sanderson realized filing a lawsuit was the only option he had. Continue Reading

Insurance Agents and Determining Coverage Limits for Buildings


The above photograph depicts the panel I was on at the Florida Association of Insurance Agents Convention last week. It was a wonderful presentation moderated by a fantastic insurance educator, David Thompson. The workshops, myriad insurance vendors, and networking opportunities opened my eyes about a truly important association which dedicates itself to promoting professionalism by those participating in the important business of selling insurance to policyholders. Continue Reading