Crumbling Foundation and the Collapse Provision in a Homeowners Policy

Recently, Connecticut has had an increase in insurance claims for crumbling foundations due to faulty foundations poured in the 1980s and 1990s. Some foundations poured during this time frame contained a mineral, pyrrhotite, which can cause cracking when it reacts with oxygen and water. It is estimated nearly 20,000 foundations poured contain the mineral. Continue Reading

Homeowners and Renters May Soon Qualify for Policy Discounts

In 2016, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo signed legislation that permits insurers that provide homeowners and renters insurance for residential real property to offer discounts. Discounts will be offered to consumers who complete approved courses and/or install home improvements that mitigate damage to insured property caused by natural disaster and/or any other insurable event. Continue Reading

If Your Foundation is Crumbling in Connecticut, You’re Not Alone

Crumbling foundations have been an ongoing issue in Connecticut for the past few years. A flurry of lawsuits have been filed against many insurers due to collapsed foundations, and even one class action lawsuit. It all stems from concrete from the quarry, Becker Construction Company, and poured by J.J. Mottes & Company. This company poured approximately 20,000 foundations in the past 30 years. J.J. Mottes has been accused of shady business practices such as pouring leftover concrete shown to contain pyrrhotite, a mineral that can cause cracking as it reacts with water and oxygen. Continue Reading

You’re Invited – American Bar Association Property Law Insurance Committee’s Spring CLE

Have you ever wondered about when an insurer is obligated to issue payment for a covered loss, or what the necessary conditions are to trigger that obligation? What about the considerations, pros and cons, of submitting a proof of loss? Or how insureds can effectively use coverage extensions, additional coverages and sublimit in their claims? Continue Reading

Ex-Chubb Vice President of Claims Says Company Destroyed Pertinent Litigation Documents

Anthony Guerriero, a former vice president in charge of claims, filed a lawsuit in Union County Superior Court, New Jersey, claiming he was fired after raising concerns that Chubb destroyed documents related to insurance claims litigation and asked him to keep quiet about it. He alleges that company officials disregarded legal department notices about preserving documentation and tapes, knowing the materials might contain relevant evidence. Continue Reading