Proof of loss deadlines are always a little tricky when the case law is not clear. For the Maui wildfire victims with an insurance policy that requires a proof of loss to be filed within 60 days from the date of the loss, my suggestion is to be safe rather than sorry and obtain an indefinite extension to file a proof of loss. 

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One of my favorite sailors and racing companions is Keahi Ho. He is a Maui firefighter and a crew member on Merlin. While fighting fires and saving lives on Maui last week, his home, boat, and car were lost to the fire which destroyed Lahaina and its port.

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Hawaiian insureds not only have to contend with volcanoes and lava, they have hurricane disputes with their property insurers, just like everybody in the Gulf Coast states. To resolve those disputes and provide an extra-contractual remedy, Hawaii allows appraisal and has a cause of action for bad faith after the appraisal. A short summary of that law is found in a Westlaw synopsis to a Hawaiian case:

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Merlin 2019 Transpac Team at Waikiki Yacht Club

Hawaii is paradise. The Aloha State deserves its reputation as exotic, fun loving, and a place to reflect about life—as you can tell from the picture above with my friend following the finish of the 2019 Transpac Race. So, it is fitting that insurers who wrongfully breach the peace of mind which insurance is supposed to protect are subject to emotional distress damages in Hawaii.
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Hurricanes, tsunamis, and earthquakes are the most common natural disasters to impact the State of Hawaii. The 2018 Hawaii hurricane season was one of the most destructive in recent memory, with six hurricanes hitting the islands. 2018 also brought the lower Puna volcano eruption.
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While Hurricane Lane threatens Hawaii with huge storm surge, high wind and heavy rain, officials are preparing for the impact of insurance claims after the Category 2 Storm.
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