The Windstorm Insurance Network (Wind) is a one of a kind organization where representatives of insurers and policyholders collaborate in a professional exchange of information and learning about wind damage claims. A recent notice about flat roof claims issues caught my attention. Tara Stone is on the Wind board of directors and has organized this event. I think it is worth your attendance if you handle claims involving wind damage to flat roofs. 

Tara Stone provided me with some inside information about the webinar she organized: 

This month I have assembled a rock star panel ‘Wind damage to Flat roofs – Prove it’. This class was developed because I found that many adjusters and attorneys have a deep understanding of shingle roofs, but when it comes to flat roofs they don’t exactly always know what they are looking at, or how to identify damage and pinpoint causation. This class brings John Runkle PE from Intertek, Jason Bondurant PE from RRC from GCI Consultants, Commercial General Contractor Larry McCallister from LJB Restoration and myself, Tara Stone from Stone Building Solutions LLC, to talk about what type of deficiencies to look for on flat roofs, and what tests can be used verify hypothesis about causation. Perfect for adjusters, appraisers, umpires and attorneys to sharpen their skills and pick up some tips from these leading industry professionals.

I asked Tara what her experience has been at The Windstorm Insurance Network and why others should participate and join. She wrote the following to me:

As a 4 year Board Member of Windstorm Insurance Network (WIND) it is my favorite of the many associations that I am a part of. We are a business about insurance contracts, but really success in this industry is the ability to work with people. At some point, whether it is with the first adjuster or the final jury a connection must be made. WIND provides me opportunities to increase my industry knowledge while connecting with people who are most often on the other side of the argument. I have gained perspective and established relationships where I can directly link my involvement in WIND to assisting Stone Claims Group LLC in settling hundreds of millions of dollars of claims. 

WIND has its annual conference typically in January each year. 2024 it will be Jan 29 – Feb 1 at the Renaissance at SeaWorld in Orlando Florida. 2025 is in Dallas, and 2026 is in Denver. As a way to add value to our membership and attract new members we now offer monthly CE webinars.

Tara Stone is an insurance industry-trained property insurance adjuster who now heads up a public adjusting company. She is poised and precise regarding her property insurance adjustments and how she is trying to develop her business. I learn a lot from Tara, and so can you. 

I hope you will be able to attend the “Wind Damage to Flat Roof-Prove It!” webinar on June 28. 

Here is the link:

Thought For The Day 

Storms make trees take deeper roots.

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