A hybrid witness is a fact witness who also happens to have the requisite knowledge, skill, or expertise to provide opinion testimony and whose opinion is formed as a result of the witness’ involvement in the subject events.1

Join me this afternoon for a quick 15-minute presentation on hybrid witnesses. I will give you my thoughts and a brief overview of the advantages of these types of witnesses on today’s Friday Forum at 2.

For readers of this blog, my latest blogpost will give you an overview of what will be discussed during this 15-minute presentation. See the blog post here:


While you may be disappointed in not seeing the one and only Chip Merlin this Friday, I promise if you tune in at 2 PM you may just learn something new.
1 Jon. M. Talotta & Michael M. Smith. Getting a Handle on the Basics of ‘Hybrid’ Witnesses in Virginia Federal and State Practice. Legal Focus/Civil Litigation. https://www.hoganlovells.com/~/media/hogan-lovells/pdf/publication/getting-a-handle_pdf.pdf