Who’s in your corner even before disaster strikes? Do you have anyone?

United Policyholders and its Executive Director, Amy Bach, earned my admiration long ago. They’ve been dedicated to upholding and supporting policyholder rights long before issues arise by insurance companies attempting to take away coverage or wrongfully raise rates. Think of United Policyholders as the insurance guardian angel we all wish we had, anticipating our needs and steering us clear of potential insurance related pitfalls.

Consider the veteran survivors of disasters who return as volunteers to disaster-stricken areas. This photo speaks volumes:


Amy Bach is a true leader. She has inspired me and countless others to aid victims in recovering the benefits owed to them by insurance companies. Survivors of one disaster often share the lessons they’ve learned from the insurance claim process with others. An excerpt from an article, Santa Rosa survivor of Tubbs Fire on the job in Maui with counsel for fire victims:

Sonoma County resident Annie Barbour arrived in Maui last week with hopes that her past experiences could help shape the future for survivors of the devastating wildfires that razed the island town of Lahaina.

Barbour’s work in connecting survivors with resources, facilitated by United Policyholders of San Francisco, comes from a deeply personal place. She’s been there. Her own home in Coffey Park, along with over 1,400 others, was consumed in the 2017 Tubbs Fire. As a founding director of the ‘Coffey Strong’ neighborhood group, she understands the profound effects of trauma and the daunting prospect of starting anew.

United Policyholders commands the attention of insurance commissioners. They often secure a place in important discussions, frequently being the sole significant consumer advocate at the NAIC. They operate without profit motives, always placing policyholders first.

Merlin Law Group proudly supports United Policyholders, and for good reason. If you publicly endorse policyholder rights but don’t support United Policyholders, your motives might be called into question. Why wouldn’t you back the longest-standing volunteer organization dedicated to assisting the very people you claim to champion?

Thought For The Day

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