April Hall has it going on when it comes to cannot-miss restoration contractor conferences. While discussing her plans for the upcoming Storm Restoration Conference Seminar that will be held in Texas on January 29th to the 31st, she and I discussed the dangerous nature of smoke damage claims. This conversation was during the recent American Policyholder Association summit in Denver.

April supports the APA, wants people to join the APA, and wants to make certain that contractors report fraudulent actions by insurers, as noted in Is the Insurance Company Committing Fraud? Report It to the American Policyholder Association Professional Fraud Investigators.

April Hall also shared her concerns that warnings about smoke damage claims seem to mean little to nothing to property insurance adjusters. The heart of her concern for all who are working on smoke claims is the following simple warning:

I have known April for long enough to say that she has a “heart of gold,” and there is no doubt about her concern for these bottom-line truths. In this matter regarding the dangers of smoke claims, she was very adamant that I proclaim as loud as I can that smoke residue can kill adjusters, contractors, policyholders, and anybody coming into contact with non-removed smoke. The science is clear, and April is right—most people and adjusters are simply ignorant of the danger.

Take precautions if you have smoke from a fire that comes into contact with a structure. You cannot do it after exposing yourself and other occupants to the smoke.

If you have something to report about insurance company fraud, file a Report with the APA.

If you want to make money safely and securely in the insurance contractor restoration business, see April Hall at her conference in late January. Click here to get your tickets.

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