David Pettinato and I were having a discussion about our law firm yesterday afternoon. The one thing that I promised him was that change would be constant as we strive to do our jobs better and improve our service. In February, David Pettinato suggested that I contact policyholder attorney Shaun Marker, since I indicated we needed to provide better service to clients and referral sources in the Palm Beach County area. Following a Press Release, I am proud to announce that the Merlin Law Group has opened an office in West Palm Beach with Shaun Marker.

Shaun’s interview process was unique. I spent quite a bit of time quizzing his wife about Shaun’s work and personal habits. She has a fairly strong opinion about people and things. In the end, I am certain he will do fabulous work and his start over the past several weeks has been fantastic. Last week, this is what I said in an interview about the new office and Shaun Marker:

Ever since we opened our office in Coral Gables, we’ve received many requests from policyholders and public adjusters to provide an office north of Dade County. Opening this office made sense in being able to provide greater service and convenience to clients and referral sources, as long as we could find the “right” attorney with values similar to ours. Fortunately, we did.

Shaun has the knowledge, skills, and tenacity needed to provide the type of personal and friendly service to clients that the firm expects from all of its attorneys. Shaun also has the proper temperament to provide zealous representation for those embroiled with insurance coverage disputes, yet still empathize and listen carefully to the client’s needs. In our business to be truly successful, you have to do both. My intent is that everyone at the Merlin Law Group will continue to listen to our clients, referring attorneys, and public adjusters so that we can better ourselves and continue growing in a manner that meets the needs and expectations of those we are honored to serve.

What I said in the press release is much more difficult in practice than it sounds. There is no one exact method to handle a legal matter correctly. I have learned that attorneys who are jerks will often be jerks to their clients. For lawyers, interpersonal skills are extraordinarily important. Many attorneys and, unfortunately, clients or referral sources, think that being an aggressive jerk will win cases. The best trial attorneys, while not wallflowers, are honest, kind, and work hard. They win at trial and in settlement because of those character traits. They usually outwork their opponent on the important issues of a matter. In the long run, people see through the jerks once the truth is exposed.

An attorney can be tough as nails and professional at the same time—and can even be a kind individual, treating clients and referral sources with compassion and understanding while promptly and professionally handling their cases. I truly believe that Shaun Marker can be that type of attorney if he applies himself, much like the rest of the attorneys working in our firm.

I appreciate all the help and constructive criticisms that many of you have provided to us. I often feel I am the luckiest guy in the world with so many providing help and suggestions. It has been a blessing, and God knows I need it.

We have a long way to go and will continue to listen and try to provide better service and legal assistance to policyholders. Often, the training and dedication support staff provide to an attorney and a law firm’s success is understated. Sometimes our clients say nice things about our attorneys when they really mean that our staff has done a marvelous job. So long as every person in our firm genuinely appreciates that we are very fortunate to make a living at helping others and that we should be honored by their request to retain us, we will continue to strive to improve our performance and never take success for granted.

Here is the contact information for the Merlin Law Group West Palm Beach office:

777 South Flagler Dr., Suite 800-West Tower
West Palm Beach, FL 33401

Office: 561.515.6025
Fax: 561.515.6001