Social Media investigation can lead to fascinating results. In this case, Twitter led me to a television report regarding State Farm’s testing of hail damage. Many policyholder attorneys should probably consider discovery from State Farm on this topic if they have a dispute involving hail damage. I wonder what other tests State Farm and other insurers conduct.

I stumbled upon this information because of a Twitter follower of mine, Angela Russell. Her Twitter account STATEFARMSUCKS and website indicate she is not happy with the State Farm’s claims handling. She posts on State Farm’s various activities, one post involved a television report concerning hail damage testing conducted by State Farm:

(click here to view video): Hail Damage Testing 

Information regarding insurance, insurance perils, insurance company activities and claims handling practices come from various sources. Researching social media cites and networking with those involved with common interests is something those in the insurance business cannot afford to miss. If you want to keep up, turn on to social media.

This video is all you need to understand why many of us believe you and State Farm cannot afford to miss out:

Social Media Revolution 2 (Refresh) from Erik Qualman on Vimeo.