A Florida circuit court trial judge ruled against Tower Hill Insurance and US Forensics today in their attempt to dismiss a RICO lawsuit filed against them by a contractor.1 This state court case was previously reported in Contractor Fights Back Against Tower Hill and US Forensic.

This same contractor filed a federal Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (“RICO”) lawsuit last week against a separate insurer and adjusters alleging that they “conspired to lie and submit false reports and estimates for the purpose of being able to deny or underpay insurance claims related to” Hurricane Irma losses. This federal lawsuit was noted in Lawsuit Alleges Field Adjusters Stated Under Oath That Florida Based Insurer Commanded That Reports Be Altered To Reduce Or Deny Claims—Did Insurers Do This To Dupe Florida Legislators?

Allegations in complaints are not evidence. Given the interest by the property insurance claims community in these cases, we will timely keep readers of this blog abreast of events as they develop.
1 Tower Hill Signature Ins. Co. v. SFR Services, LLC, No.20-000409-CA [Omnibus Order on Counter-Defendants’ Motion to Dismiss Counter-Plantiff’s Counterclaim] (Fla. Cir. Ct. Jan. 18, 2022).