The statute of limitation can be a quagmire for the unwary. Many states allow the insurance policy to shorten the state statute of limitations. In other words, the policy may significantly change the date on which you have to file a lawsuit, or otherwise your client is forever barred from that type of recovery.  Watch

(*Note:  This Guest Blog is by Jean Niven, an attorney in the Tampa office of Merlin Law Group).

Hurricane season is fast approaching, leaving coastal residences and businesses vulnerable to the whims of Mother Nature. Surviving natural disasters should not be just a warm up to the difficulties encountered in filing an insurance claim. The purpose of insurance is to provide peace of mind. When disaster strikes the insurer is tasked, pursuant to Florida law, with providing prompt assistance in the form of a competent adjuster who has the best interest of the insured as its first priority. Sadly, that scenario has become a fairy tale for many insureds. Instead of providing the friendly professional assistance advertised in TV commercials and on bill boards, the insured is frequently faced with obstructionist tactics designed to wear down even the most stalwart of personalities. This at a time when a person is most vulnerable and frequently has limited financial capability.

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