Roofing damage claims are the most common and contentious adjustment experiences. This video went viral. From speaking with many restoration contractors and public adjusters, the events of this video are unfortunately repeated more often than not.

Please take some time to read through the comments section. There are a number of former adjusters who write about the field adjuster simply having to follow orders from claims management. For example:

I was a State Farm adjuster for 12 years, unlike many of the other adjusters I came from a roofing background, unfortunately Jeff is just the messenger, I would be put in these same positions where the decision has already been made by some d-bag sitting behind a desk that knows nothing about construction and it is nearly impossible to get them to change their mind. I was 100% on the customer’s side and willing to bat for them but could never get management to agree and change the decision they already made even with proper documentation and knowledge of roofing systems they would still deny them, then you get in trouble from middle management for wasting the upper management time. That is the reason I quit, I was tired of the big company making millions and ripping off the little guy and have me be the punching bag for them. 100% agree that roof is not repairable.

Insurance companies certainly do not have to pay for the entire replacement of a roof just because the restoration contractor says so. However, they do have to honestly explain the true reasons for the disagreement and be able to support them.

Policyholders do not buy insurance so that their claims of loss have to be taken to court to get paid. But the scenario above is becoming much more commonplace and a reason for the increase in lawsuits.

Thought For The Day

The best time to repair the roof is when the sun is shining.
—Brad D. Smith