Resolving disputes through duels, a practice largely abandoned in modern times, was once a method used to settle matters of honor or disagreement. Perhaps a fistfight is slightly better. The Dmitry Lipinskiy vs. Lee Haight Full Fight video is an example of how two roofing industry social media leaders resolve a dispute.

I highlighted Dmitry Lipinskiy in Roofing Educator Dmitry Lipinskiy Calling For Integrity In The Roofing Business. I made this comment:

I cannot judge everything Lipinskiy has made videos about because I simply do not have enough time to watch all of it. But I do agree with what he says in this video. If we do not share and expose what is wrong, the problems will not go away.

The Internet is a double-edged sword when it comes to information dissemination. On one hand, it has democratized access to knowledge, but on the other, it has also become a breeding ground for misinformation. I agree with Dmitry Lipinskiy’s sentiment that we should all be vigilant about fake gurus and scammers who exploit this platform. These individuals are adept at using persuasive language, appealing to greed, and making compelling visuals to lure unsuspecting victims into their web of deceit. They capitalize on the Internet’s reach and anonymity to spread falsehoods that can have real-world consequences. It’s crucial for us to exercise critical thinking and due diligence to separate the wheat from the chaff, especially in an era where digital manipulation is becoming increasingly sophisticated.

However, I do not think that fighting or agreeing to a duel is going to decide who is factually wrong or right.

So, Dmitry called out Lee Haight for being a scammer and selling fake guru “how to get rich” promotions to unsuspecting struggling roofers. Does winning a fight determine who is wrong or right? Clearly not. Being a lawyer, if Haight thinks Dmitry has publicly falsified information and spread it on social media, causing him damage, Haight should simply sue for defamation damages.

On the other hand, the fight made for a lot of entertainment. It has me and others talking about them and further raising their social media platform.

I would suggest that roofers subscribe to Dmitry Lipinskiy’s weekly Roofing Insights. I find that he quickly addresses common issues faced in the roofing industry.

Thought For The Day    

A duel is a foolish and dangerous way of settling a dispute; but it is a very gentlemanly way, too.  

—Mark Twain