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Attorney Rene Sigman speaking at the TAPIA 2018 Fall Conference
Attorney Rene Sigman speaking at the TAPIA 2018 Fall Conference

Last week at the Texas Association of Public Insurance Adjuster (TAPIA) Fall Conference, Rene Sigman made the most dramatic speech ever at a public adjuster conference—and did it twice in one day. She stood up to a Texas politician railing about his constituents being harmed by bad laws and bad faith insurance companies. She called him out for voting against policyholders.
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If you are unhappy or have a complaint with how you were treated by your insurance company or adjuster it’s important to let the Texas Department of Insurance know. Many people do not realize that they can file an official complaint with the Texas Department of Insurance (“TDI”) for various bad acts or mistreatment by the insurance company or its adjusters or other personnel. The process is actually quite simple.
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Amy Bach, Executive Director of United Policyholders (“UP”), has shared with me the letter she sent to David Mattox (Texas Commissioner of Insurance) on the issue of mandatory arbitration provisions in homeowner policies. Here is a link to that letter for you to read.

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A few weeks ago, I wrote about State Representative John Smithee’s letter to Texas Department of Insurance (“TDI”) Commissioner Eleanor Kitzman, in which he expressed his concerns over the solvency of the Texas Windstorm Insurance Association (“TWIA”). Rep. Smithee, along with insurance professional David Crump, assessed data showing that TWIA would be unable to pay its policyholders’ claims in the event of a severe catastrophe.

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When you think about hail damage in Texas, many of you probably think about the hail storm that hit the Dallas area a few months back. However, Dallas isn’t the only city in Texas ravaged by a severe hail storm recently. McAllen, Texas, is still suffering the effects of not one, but two hail storms that passed through in March and April.

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The Texas Department of Insurance issued a bulletin this week indicating it is targeting contractors and roofing companies that "have been advertising or performing acts that would require them to hold a public insurance adjuster license." The bulletin provided grounds for the public warning:

It has come to the attention of the Texas Department of Insurance that a number of contractors, roofing companies, and other individuals and entities not licensed by the department have been advertising or performing acts that would require them to hold a public insurance adjuster license. Additionally, the department has learned that the tactics used by these unlicensed individuals include visiting neighborhoods and areas of the state where languages other than English are commonly spoken. These unlicensed individuals often prey on unknowing consumers by promising to ‘work’ insurance claims to achieve a higher settlement.

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