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Cancellation of Homeowner’s Insurance After a Loss

One of the biggest complaints I hear from homeowners after suffering a property insurance loss emerges out of the insurer’s “cancellation” or failure to renew the policy after the loss occurs. After suffering a loss, the thought of trying to get new insurance while the loss has not been completely resolved is a devastating and … Continue Reading

Carolina Coverage: Help! My Insurance Company Wants to Drop Me

All too often, policyholders contact us when their residential or commercial carriers send a notice that they will no longer provide insurance coverage. It is critically important that all insureds understand the major difference between an insurance company canceling a current policy and a notice of non-renewal. Every policyholder should carefully study any written notifications … Continue Reading

Non-Renewal of Homeowner Policies in California

Last week I blogged about how rain-induced mudslides are of concern to homeowners who live in wildfire burn areas. For those who live in high risk fire areas, another concern is the possibility that the policy insuring the property will not be renewed by the insurance company. In California, there are no laws that prohibit … Continue Reading