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Hurricane Irma Mandatory Evacuations Taken Seriously by Tampa Bay Area and Merlin’s Tampa Office

On Friday, I took a deposition from our Tampa office via video conference questioning an adjuster in Charlotte. At about 1:45 pm, Erin Dunnovant rushed in our boardroom to tell me the office building and our entire area was being evacuated. I had to suspend the deposition and grab my computer. Opposing counsel said they … Continue Reading

Last Minute Preparations for Hurricane Irma

Most Floridians are making their last minute preparations for Hurricane Irma and protecting their property from potential damage. In addition to having enough batteries, flashlights, bottled water, food, medications, and pet supplies, you want to make sure your important documents are in a safe, waterproof and easy to access location. This includes your homeowners insurance … Continue Reading

The 2016 Atlantic Hurricane Season has Started and Experts Predict Worst Hurricane Season Since Superstorm Sandy

For those on the Northeast who had to face the wrath of Superstorm Sandy, it is too soon to imagine another Sandy, let alone anything worse than Sandy. However, the reality, experts say, is that “[e]ight hurricanes are predicted for this year’s hurricane season, perhaps the most since Superstorm Sandy struck New Jersey in 2012.”1… Continue Reading

Preparing Yourself for Joaquin

Here on the East Coast, the news is dominated by Hurricane Joaquin and its potential impact on the Eastern Seaboard. One of the many topics is how to prepare for the storm. Residents are encouraged to purchase staples such as water, bread and milk; make sure they have flashlights and batteries; secure outdoor furniture, etc. … Continue Reading

September is National Preparedness Month

Since its inception in 2004, National Preparedness Month has been observed in the U.S. each September.1 Sponsored by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) within the Department of Homeland Security, National Preparedness Month encourages Americans to prepare for emergencies in their homes, businesses, schools, and communities. FEMA’s Ready Campaign, the correlating public education outreach campaign, … Continue Reading

Florida Hurricane Deductibles

Hurricane Danny was named the first hurricane of the Atlantic 2015 hurricane season. It is still far from Florida, however, if you are a Floridian, you might take the time to pull out your homeowners or commercial property insurance policy to review your coverage and what your duties are after a loss.… Continue Reading

Arthur Kicks Off Atlantic Hurricane Season

As the 2014 Atlantic hurricane season has begun with the first tropical storm officially named Arthur, Nicole Vinson reminds policyholders to verify their insurance coverage.  Arthur is moving in a northwest direction up the Atlantic coast with a position for landfall on the coast of North Carolina.  Nicole Vinson is a licensed attorney in both … Continue Reading

Steps to Take When Disaster Strikes

Hurricane season in Texas runs from June 1st through November 30st. We have had a break from storms for the past few years, and may be a bit rusty on what to do if a massive storm comes through. So, here are a few tips to jog your memory:… Continue Reading

The 2014 Atlantic Hurricane Season Has Begun! Make Sure You Are Prepared

This past week marked the beginning of the Atlantic Hurricane season which runs from June 1st through November 30th 2014, with peak season from mid-August to late October. Coastal communities from Atlantic Canada, through the U.S. Eastern and Gulf Coasts, Latin America, and the Caribbean are vulnerable to hurricanes and tropical storms during this 6 … Continue Reading

Preparing for Hurricane Season

We are now 5 days into the Atlantic hurricane season. As we are seeing violent storms extending to areas of the country that aren’t necessarily used to tropical storms, I thought it might be a good idea to provide some tips to prepare for hurricane season. Ready.gov has some pretty good tips on their website.… Continue Reading

Hurricane Season 2013

The 2013 Hurricane Season is just around the corner. I normally do not worry much about early season hurricanes because the "big ones" normally do not start rolling until August. Still, this time of the year a number of prognosticators release their predictions about the upcoming hurricane season. I suggest a better use of one’s … Continue Reading

2012 Atlantic Hurricane Season To Go Out With A Surprising Twist; A Super Storm In The Northeast

As I write this article, we are all wondering what Hurricane Sandy could bring to the populous region of the Northeastern United States. There are talks of a “super storm” potentially worse than Hurricane Irene and 1991’s “perfect storm.” The talk of the cause of this unusual “super storm” is the arctic jet stream wrapping … Continue Reading

Tropical Storm Debby Should Teach Us Important Lessons

Tropical Storm Debby has moved out of Florida and into the Atlantic. However, it has left its mark behind, leaving many to pick up the pieces. Living in South Tampa – where the drainage is notoriously bad – I witnessed Debby’s force first hand. In fact, my in-laws suffered severe damage to their dock and … Continue Reading

Even Though NOAA Has Predicted The 2012 Hurricane Season To Be “Less Active” Than Recent Years, Hurricane Preparedness Should Be Taken Seriously

The official start of hurricane season was June 1st. This time of year marks the start of summer, means kids are done with school, and thoughts of summer vacations and summer camps may consume everyone’s spare time. Hurricane preparedness often takes a back seat. However, those that devote just a little bit of time for … Continue Reading