Insurance coverage gaps, miswritten policies, and non-reviewed insurance policies are routinely found after hurricanes do catastrophic coverage. It is still not too late for business owners in hurricane country to review their insurance policies, meet with their insurance agents, and get a plan in place.

This afternoon at 2 PM, I will go over some of the questions and simple late steps business owners should do to prepare for hurricane season with a competent insurance agent, if they not done so already.

Bill Wilson, pictured above, is the type of insurance advisor all business owners should strive to hire: One that is competent, passionate about their profession, and respected by their peers. Would you hire a medical doctor that is a great golfer to take care of your cancer or one that was a great medical doctor? Yet, how many business owners hire an insurance agent, not based on credential or professional status, but because the agent knows a lot of people or has a great golf game?

Join me this afternoon for a Tuesday at 2 With Chip, where we will discuss gaps of insurance, insurance agents, and how a business can—even at this late date—better prepare for hurricane season.

Thought For The Day

Success depends upon previous preparation, and without such preparation there is sure to be failure.