California is a beautiful state. When I was meeting with our California attorneys and staff at our holiday party, I mentioned that there are so many different and beautiful areas, it is no wonder California is our most populated state. Unfortunately, with wildfires, earthquakes, landslides, and floods, California has its share of insurance problems—especially a recurrent problem of homeowners finding they are underinsured and without sufficient policy limits after large scale catastrophes. Continue Reading Should Homeowners Policies Have No Policy Limits?

Happy New Year! Peace and Good Will to all! But, if you really want to have peace of mind, you should make a New Year’s resolution to review your insurance policies for the most common potential insurance coverage gaps and make an appointment with an insurance specialist—not just an insurance agent, but possibly a risk manager. Continue Reading Happy New Year!! A Great Time to Review Your Insurance Policies For a Worry-Free Year

An attorney from our Arizona office recently asked me for a recommendation for an insurance expert on a matter they are handling. A photo from our Arizona office party is shown above. I often spend time asking those I feel are experts if they know of other experts in other areas of the country. So, I thought about calling Bill Wilson to get a referral. Continue Reading Is A Hobby Making Toys A Business For Insurance Purposes

Major hurricane losses in Puerto Rico as well as in the United States usually involve insurers having reinsurance treaties reimbursing the carriers for their Hurricane losses. This was a major topic of conversation at our Merlin Law Group holiday party in San Juan where the picture above was taken. That Saturday night party in San Juan was a lot of fun. Continue Reading Reinsurance and Federal Arbitration Statute at Issue in Puerto Rico Hurricane Losses

Public adjusters in Florida have routinely appointed themselves as appraisers for their policyholder clients. This generally saves the policyholder money and provides a person already familiar with the loss and ready to move the appraisal process along. However, based on the trend and discussion in legal court cases, it appears that this practice of self-appointment will be a thing of the past. Continue Reading Florida Public Adjusters Appointing Themselves As Appraisers May Be History

Drew Houghton heads up Merlin Law Group operations in our Oklahoma City office. I was speaking with him just before our holiday party about the American Policyholder Association combating fraudulent engineering reports harming policyholders as noted in, American Policyholder Association Makes Resonating Comments About Insurance Fraud Against Policyholders. Drew then told me about a recently filed Oklahoma class action where engineers were accused of sham reports to help prevent earthquake claims payments. Continue Reading Engineers Accused of Sham Reports in Class Action

Douglas Quinn is the President of the American Policyholder Association (APA.). He was in Orlando last Saturday afternoon. The meeting was somewhat impromptu and had a number of leaders from the National Association of Public Insurance Adjusters. Continue Reading American Policyholder Association Makes Resonating Comments About Insurance Fraud Against Policyholders

Hail prone areas may result in multiple storms which damage a roof. Not too many policyholders are climbing up on their roofs to measure exactly how much hail damage is done after a hail storm occurs. But their insurance companies must be expecting them to do so based on a recent case involving Berkshire Hathaway Insurance Company.1 Continue Reading Which Hailstorm Damaged Your Roof? The Time of Hail Damage Is Often Disputed

Merlin Law Group attorneys have an advantage over many other law firms and lawyers because we invest in an extensive insurance law reference library and with an attorney, Ruck DeMinico, who holds a library science degree and oversees this reference resource. During his presentation at NAPIA‘s mid-year meeting, insurance author and coverage expert Bill Wilson claimed that he finds the best insurance coverage discussion in IRMI. Continue Reading Bill Wilson Says IRMI Has the Best Insurance Coverage Reference Discussions