Drew Houghton made his wife and dogs stay in the inner bathroom of his Oklahoma City home last week as a tornadic hailstorm was bearing down on them. He then did something stupid—he left this safer place and started taking a video of the hailstorm event with his cell phone. On the video, you can hear the rumble of the storm sounding like a freight train with bullets of hailstones smashing through his windows and pounding on his house’s roof and walls.

Today at 2 PM EST, Drew Houghton will be my guest and the topic of learning is hailstorm claims. Drew Houghton is one the best hailstorm attorneys in the country. He can now better empathize with the plight of policyholders having to go through a claim since he is doing so himself.

In Grand Opening of Merlin Law Group’s Oklahoma City Office, I noted:

Oklahoma City has a very active severe weather season from March through June, especially during April and May. Being in the center of what is colloquially referred to as Tornado Alley, it is prone to especially frequent and severe tornadoes, as well as very severe hailstorms and occasional derechoes. Tornadoes have occurred in every month of the year and a secondary smaller peak also occurs during autumn, especially October. The Oklahoma City metropolitan area is one of the most tornado-prone major cities in the world, with about 150 tornadoes striking within the city limits since 1890. Since the time weather records have been kept, Oklahoma City has been struck by thirteen violent tornadoes, eleven F/EF4s and two F/EF5s.

I have asked Drew to have a Hailstorm Checklist which we will make available to viewers during the broadcast.

Here is the link to this afternoon’s livestream.

Thought For The Day

If you are caught on a golf course during a storm and are afraid of lightning, hold up a 1-iron. Not even God can hit a 1-iron.
—Lee Trevino