I am at the Windstorm Insurance Conference. Live and in living color, we are coming out of Covid and starting to meet, discuss, and debate insurance claim issues on a face-to-face basis. This morning’s Keynote speaker was “Hurricane Man” Josh Morgerman, who is a reality star and runs iCyclone.com. Here is a little information about him:

Founded by stormchaser and adrenaline junkie Josh Morgerman, iCyclone is the brand name under which he chases hurricanes and collaborates with others on weather-related projects.

The iCyclone team is a loosely-affiliated, cross-functional club of chasers, researchers, and meteorologists unified by their shared passion for Earth’s mightiest spectacle: the hurricane.

The iCyclone mission has always been to penetrate, experience, and document the inner cores of hurricanes as they thrust ashore—via video, data collection, and blogging.

I will go over some of his tips for surviving a hurricane in today’s session. I encourage readers to visit his website at iClyclone.com and here is my link for this afternoon’s session at 2 PM EST.

Thought For The Day

If you want to see the sunshine, you have to weather the storm.
—Frank Lane