It is known that the passage of Hurricane Maria through Puerto Rico in 2017, not only caused structural damage but also other damages that interrupted many public and private services for months. Many businesses had to shut down or limit their services and many had to file a claim based on business interruption coverage. Continue Reading Business Interruption Exclusion Clauses

I was appointed by the court as the liaison coverage counsel for the putative class members in the collapse of the Champlain Towers South. This week, a team of extraordinarily skilled lawyers that I have been working with filed an amended complaint explaining how we currently believe this catastrophe happened. It is a very sad matter. It is hard to be witness to the horrible aftermath the victims and their families live with. Continue Reading The Champlain Towers Collapse Catastrophe and Purchasing the Right Insurance

One of the basic duties which public adjusters are supposed to accomplish for their policyholder clients is to evaluate the amount of damage and properly file a proof of loss if one is required. I was thinking about this while reading a fairly recent Florida case1 where a public adjuster failed to file a proof of loss on behalf of the policyholder despite the insurance company demanding one in writing. This failure to file a proof of loss cost the policyholder an otherwise valid claim. Continue Reading Public Adjusters Owe a Duty to Properly Comply with Proof of Loss Requirements

Insurance companies will no longer be able to write insurance policies which depreciate labor costs when determining actual cash value in Washington. The Washington Insurance Commissioner just made a rule preventing insurance companies from nickeling and diming of their customers by depreciating labor costs. This ruling becomes effective on January 1, 2022. Continue Reading Can Insurance Companies Depreciate Labor Costs in Washington? Insurance Commissioner Stands Up For Policyholders

The Louisiana Department of Insurance is working overtime as two years of strong hurricanes take a toll on insurance companies making ends meet and insurance adjusters meeting claims regulations. Last week, the Louisiana Department of Insurance filed suit to take over two regional insurance companies. This followed an October 27th Bulletin reminding everyone of rules applicable following hurricane losses. Continue Reading Hurricane Claims In Louisiana Cause Bulletins and Financial Failures

CAPIA, the California Association of Public Insurance Adjusters, held its annual meeting last week, and I was fortunate enough to be given an opportunity to attend. Along with meeting some of the finest policyholder advocates in the state, there were multiple informational and thought-provoking presentations related to the industry. Continue Reading Timing of Loss Computation, Your Policy, and the California Insurance Code

The North Dakota Insurance Department (“NDID”) regulates insurance companies and provides and promotes the “public good by fairly and effectively administering the laws of North Dakota.”1 One way it does this is by investigating consumer complaints of wrongdoing by insurance companies, agencies, and agents. If you think that your claim has been delayed, unfairly denied, or otherwise poorly handled, you can file a complaint with NDID requesting an investigation. Continue Reading How to File a Complaint with the North Dakota Insurance Department

“How much am I owed?”

“How did the insurance company come up with that figure?”

“Do I need help to make certain I am not getting ripped off?”

These are the questions I answer all the time. And that answer to how much is owed to the policyholder is a never-ending study. For everyone representing policyholders, you should feel the same as me and be deeply passionate about it. If not, do something else. Continue Reading How To Evaluate What Is Owed Following Property Damage

Amy Currotto was concerned about adding “climate change” as an important trend to a panel discussion at the Florida Association of Public Insurance Adjusters fall meeting. She thought some in the audience would have emotional and significant responses to her raising the issue. I have been to four other public adjuster conferences this fall, and “climate change” has come up at each of them. For example, at the RAMPIA meeting in Denver, the Colorado Insurance Commissioner indicated that the frequency and severity of wildfires have increased because of climate change, causing new initiatives to help keep insurance available and affordable. Continue Reading Climate Change and New Technology Tracking Risk Is Significantly Impacting the Property Insurance Industry

United Policyholders is the one organization that policyholders can count on to stand up and comment on what insurance companies are trying to push through departments of insurance. United Policyholders Sandy Watts and I will be presenting today about insurance gaps created in new language found in insurance policies. One policy form we will be talking about is the one State Farm is pushing for approval in the California Department of Insurance. Continue Reading State Farm New Policy Filing In California Should Be Concerning To All In the Property Insurance Industry—An Example Is the New Appraisal Language