I want to pass along a Thanksgiving Wish sent today by Angel Rivera, an attorney in our San Juan, Puerto Rico office, to everyone in the firm:

To all of my fellow attorneys at MLG Puerto Rico, and at MLG everywhere, and to all the excellent assistants at MLG Puerto Rico, whom I consider friends, may you all have a great Happy Thanksgiving weekend with your loved ones. Give thanks that you are still able to enjoy your folks, brothers, sisters, and some of you even your grandparents. Several years from now some of them will not be around, so take advantage that you have them all with you and enjoy each and every one of them to the fullest. Even your children, you don’t know if they’ll be with you in the future, since they, like mine, may choose to live in another state and may not be present at your table for this most American of all our celebrations!

Give thanks for the very nice meal, for your health, for the miracles, both large and small that happen every day around you, from waking up every day, being able to see beautiful flowers and the sunlight, to the birth of another child, give thanks!

Happy Thanksgiving to you all, enjoy the great day and greater company, Un abrazo a todos y muchas gracias por ser mis amigos, Angel.