Florida Republican Legislators made a rule limiting public testimony from people who went all the way to Tallahassee to complain about insurance company misconduct last December during the special session which passed laws protecting insurance companies. They cut off the testimony of the whistleblowing independent adjusters who were providing evidence about the bad conduct of Florida insurance companies. Florida Republican leaders are now doing the same thing with new laws regarding insurance company bad faith while making new laws shielding insurance companies in third-party bad faith cases.

Numerous Floridians have gone to Tallahassee only to be shut down from saying anything. I was forwarded a video showing the frustration common folks experienced when they went to Tallahassee:

One comment to the video stated:

The legislators have given the proponents of the bill significantly more than 30 seconds to speak. Florida should no longer be called ‘The Sunshine State’ and instead should be renamed ‘The Insurance Company State.’

Republicans provided people only 30 seconds! Shameful.

Why do we even have public hearings on these issues if our Republican legislators have already made up their minds based on backroom deals with insurance company lobbyists?

Thought For The Day

Ignoring a child’s disrespect is the surest guarantee that it will continue.

—Fred G. Gosman