As many Californians continue to repair, rebuild, and regain financial health after the disasters throughout the State, many are looking at insurance reform as a solution for the future. Insurers should provide the funds due to individuals and businesses after a disaster, but as surveys have shown, these funds don’t always flow as they should.1

Many insureds face the feat of proving-up in detail their property losses, overcoming bureaucratic delays, depreciation, unreasonable deadlines and other obstacles in attempting to recover amounts contractually due under their policy. United Policyholders is an important resource for insureds, and it continues to lobby for insurance reform and laws enacted that remove these obstacles to make it easier for insureds to collect the benefits they paid for, in full and without delay.

Recently, following the 2017 wildfires, lawmakers from affected areas worked with the California Department of Insurance to introduce a package of wildfire insurance reform bills. United Policyholders has also been working behind the scenes to encourage reform, and even created a sample letter for consumers to use to register support for these new bills.

As insureds, it is important to take the time to vote for these bills and protect your rights. For example, regarding the wildfire insurance reform bill package, you can contact these individuals and organizations to show support: Hon. Steve Glazer, Chairman of the California Senate Insurance Committee, and Hon. Tom Daly, Chairman of the CA Assembly Insurance Committee.

Encourage them to pass the insurance reform bills and help protect yourself and fellow insureds.
1 See United Policyholders website,