Note: This guest post is by AAPIA President Cole Kline.

In case you didn’t know, there are two national public adjuster associations. APIA, the American Association of Public Insurance Adjusters,is not well-known but is growing in strength and energized with new purpose and zeal. 

AAPIA is an organization dedicated to empowering all public adjusters, supporting policyholders, and advocating for both public adjusters and policyholders. We firmly believe in collaboration with local public adjusters and encourage states to form local associations to protect their unique needs.

Let me tell you why now is the perfect time for public adjusters to join our association.

New Leadership, Fresh Perspectives:

I am proud to announce that I (Cole Kline) am the new President, and our other board members are Mathew Mulholland as Vice President, Andrew Weaver as Treasurer, and Paul Yemm as Secretary. This dynamic team is committed to promoting the highest ethical and professional standards among public adjusters, providing education and resources to support their work, and advocating for fair and just settlements for insureds.

Recent Achievements and Current Advocacy Efforts:

Although you may not have heard of us, we have been working tirelessly to protect the interests of public adjusters and policyholders. Some recent accomplishments and ongoing activities include:

  • Assisting public adjusters in Iowa to oppose restrictions on the appraisal process, ensuring a fair and efficient system for resolving insurance disputes.
  • Helping public adjusters in Kentucky defeat a proposed 2.5% fee cap and working with legislators to negotiate a more reasonable cap while also working on removing other onerous restrictions that were proposed, all of which safeguard our ability to deliver the best possible results for our clients.
  • Leading efforts in Indiana to meet with House representatives and senators, working to improve a bill that proposed contract changes and payment terms for public adjusters.
  • Working with the local Illinois association, the Chicagoland group, to jointly make suggestions to improve the proposed bill and promote positive change for public adjusters.
  • Offering ongoing conversations and support to FAPIA, knowing the difficulties they face every year
  • Meeting with regulators at NAIC and NCOIL to educate them about public adjusters, discuss timely issues, and promote the industry
  • Offering support through social media
  • Planning a national educational conference with well-known speakers

The Future of AAPIA:

Simply put: We strive to lead the industry to represent the interests of all public adjusters and consumers, foster positive change, and ensure that policyholders have access to the professional help they need.

Join AAPIA Today:

By joining AAPIA, public adjusters gain access to a community dedicated to their success and the well-being of policyholders. We welcome your opinion on issues and enjoy a lively discussion with differing viewpoints.  Together, we can make a real difference in the industry and improve the lives of countless individuals affected by insurance claims.  Our motto is “Empowering Policyholders, Supporting Public Adjusters – Together We Advocate.” Join AAPIA today and find out how you can contribute to our mission

Quote for the day:

If not us, then who? If not now, then when?

—John Lewis