The above photo is of Kaye Beneke, Justin Skipton, and Kalon deLuise, taken while we prepared for a session regarding claims ethics for next Monday’s joint session hosted the Texas Association of Public Insurance Adjusters (TAPIA) and the Rocky Mountain Association of Public Insurance Adjusters (RMAPIA).

This is what the is found on the website describing the event:

The year is 2020. Deadly pandemic. Quarantine. Face masks. Sing Happy Birthday and wash your hands. Social distancing. Zoom meetings. Home office. Home school. Business shutdowns. Business interruption. Record unemployment. Social unrest. Vandalism. Hail. Tornados. Hurricane season.

It’s like we’ve stepped into that ‘fifth dimension’ – The Twilight Zone! Who would be surprised to see Rod Serling around the next corner (hopefully with his own toilet paper!)?

Public adjusters are used to dealing with weird things in helping home and business policyholders when disaster strikes. But so far 2020 has taken weird to new heights!

A big shout out goes to Kaye Beneke, who serves as the Executive Director for both Associations, and the leadership of TAPIA and RMAPIA for hosting this event. They sent out a survey to past attendees to determine what public adjusters want to learn about. Teaching people what they feel like they need to learn is a great step and all public adjuster associations should reach out to their membership for such insight.

I will not only appear on Monday, but also on Wednesday, co-presenting with Merlin Law Group attorney Rene Sigman. Our topic will be “Claims Issues: Rioting, Vandalism & Vacancy Claims.” Here is a flyer describing all the sessions.

The deadline For security purposes, the deadline to sign up is midnight, Friday night. So, do not wait. Sign up now. If you are an attendee, you can also watch the taped sessions later for credit.