Friday at 2 is a quick recap of a few timely items of interest to the property insurance claims industry. It is a 15-minute summary by me of some of the recent important property insurance claims industry topics, and allows for some quick answers to questions posed to me earlier from the Tuesday At 2 With Chip, which is longer and more in depth on just one topic per week.

The FC&S just came out with a new hail claim Question and Answer that is very helpful to policyholders. If for nothing else, you should be in attendance for this helpful information which can be used by contractors and public adjusters to get hail claims resolved for policyholders need replacement cost benefits.

“Badger Traps” will also be a topic with a big shout out to Steve Patrick for his upcoming seminar. The above photo is of Steve Badger and me. Yes, Steve Patrick has a warning about the smiling man next to me and what you have to be careful of when dealing with insurance companies about Overhead and Profit issues with contractors. Patrick’s seminar is gratis to American Policyholder Association members.

Merlin Law Group will hold a Hurricane Irma Claims Seminar on August 10. For only a $25 donation to United Policyholders, Florida public adjusters can get four credit hours of continuing education. I will go over the seminar and the panel teaching it. Here is a link to sign up for that seminar.

See you at 2 today. Here is the link for this afternoon’s session.

A Friday Thought Looking Forward to The Weekend

The best workers, like the happiest livers, look upon their work as a kind of game: the harder they play the more enjoyable it becomes.
—Robert Baden-Powell