Policyholders should remain vigilant in confirming their property insurance policies are aligned with their current coverage needs – before disaster strikes. Tropical Storm Elsa will certainly not be the last bit of potentially threatening tropical activity during this year’s hurricane season. While Elsa was certainly not the strongest storm Florida has ever seen, it was another reminder of the heavy rains and winds these tropical storms and hurricanes can bring.

Merlin Law Group created an eBook designed to help policyholders as they go back through their insurance policies. Hurricane deductibles and policy limits are two significant components of ensuring you have adequate coverage. This eBook contains relative information for policyholders to consider when reviewing their policy for these items.

You can always contact your insurer to discuss your deductibles, policy limits, and anything related to your coverage to address any coverage gaps that may exist. We recommend discussing your policy and any changes you would like to make with your insurer before a strong tropical storm or hurricane hits.

Please click here to download a copy of our Hurricane Deductibles and Policy Limits eBook. We also have another policyholder-focused asset with proactive steps you can take when facing a hurricane damage claim. The guide – Weathering the Storm: A Policyholder’s Guide to Hurricane Insurance Claims – is available here.

If you ever need help with a tropical storm or hurricane damage claim, please do not hesitate to contact Merlin Law Group.