Last week I laid out some practical information about the statute of limitations for property insurance claims in Texas. In light of the recent showdown at Kyle Field where the Texas Aggies sent the Arkansas Razorbacks packing, I thought it would be great to shed some light on the limitations period of our neighboring state.

The short of it is: “No action shall lie … at all unless commenced within two years from the date when the insured discovers the loss.” Ark.Stat.Ann. s 66-3232 (1980 Repl.Vol.).

The long of it is: “An action may be maintained in the courts of this State by an insured or any other person on his behalf, to recover on any claim or loss arising under a policy of insurance on property or life, against the insurer issuing any such policy, or the sureties on any bond filed by the insurer as a condition precedent to its right to do business in this State, at any time within the period prescribed by law for bringing actions on promises in writing; and any stipulation or provision in any such policy or contract requiring such action to be brought within any shorter time or be barred is void.”

As in Texas, our Arkansas neighbors provide a two year statute of limitations on property insurance claims. So, it may be a good idea to check your calendars and make sure you are within the limitations period outlined in the statute.