Xactimate estimating is the prominent software used by most property insurance adjusters and restoration contractors. If you are in the field of property insurance estimation and use this software, is there any downside to being an expert using the software?

For policyholders, I mentioned that some insurance adjusters often miss major points when using the software in a previous post, Explaining Xactimate Accuracy and the Need to Analyze Details Before Getting the Wrong Turkey Dinner From the Insurance Company Estimator:

Insurance company estimators often say they have estimated to construct a repair or replacement of something just like the policyholder’s estimate and complain about the higher price of the policyholder’s estimate. But, when you look at the details—and especially the descriptions—which are included within Xactimate of what they have estimated to be done, there is a lot missing on the insurer’s side. Pay attention to the details of what is done and the descriptions found within Xactimate.

Tuesday at 2 With Chip Merlin will feature an Xactimate Trainer, Andrew Behrens. Here is a YouTube video where he discusses the importance of Xactimate training:

On Tuesday, Andrew is going to discuss many points including:

  • Importance of Estimation To Property Insurance Adjusters
  • Widespread Use of Xactimate Software
  • Misconceptions About Xactimate
  • Hypothetical vs. Actual or Incurred Costs
  • Varying Roles = Varying Responsibilities
  • Low User Certification Rates
    • 1%-2% Level 1 and 2 Certification Rate
    • 10% Level 3 Certification Rate

Estimating property damages is something in which all property adjusters should have expertise. This is a don’t miss Tuesday at 2 and I hope you will mark it on your calendars.

Here is the link to the Livestream.

Thought For The Day

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