Will Midtbo called me from a restoration construction conference and excitedly told me that the EalgeView founder, Dave Carlson, proposed on stage to April Hall…..and she said, “Yes!” At the time, I barely knew of and had not met David Carlson. I have known April for over a decade, regularly spoke at her conferences, and discussed on numerous occasions the difficult issues facing roofers doing insurance restoration work. At the time of their engagement, I had no idea the two were dating, much less considering marriage. 

The EagleView website noted the following about David Carlson:

The beginning of EagleView is really the story of two creative brothers-in-law: Dave Carlson, who was working in Southern California as a roofing contractor, and Chris Pershing, a software engineer in Seattle. In 2006, Dave struggled with the process of measuring roofs accurately and safely. In addition to sharing a family relationship, both Chris and Dave share something else. They both have a passion for solving problems and they continually ask, “Is there a better way”. As Chris and Dave discussed the challenges of accurately measuring roofs, they began researching to see if simple, accurate technology was available for determining roof measurements. They discovered that software did not exist and so they began collaborating on ways to create new technology to produce a remote roof measurement using available photography.

Chris started by using his wife’s ornamental birdhouses as models to prototype software that would create a 3D model of roofs using photographs. It was a collaborative process with Chris refining the prototypes using feedback from Dave’s field experience and measurements taken on actual roofs. After many months of collaboration, the two brothers-in-law had created some extremely accurate software and quickly filed a software patent.

EagleView was launched in February 2008 as the first remote aerial roof measurement service in history! The idea immediately caught on with roofing contractors throughout the country as they recognized the time savings, increased safety benefits and how the EagleView reports were increasing their job closing rates.

Insurance companies and adjusters were soon embracing EagleView as they too saw the benefits to an accurate, third-party report in the event of a claim. By the time EagleView was less than a year old, it had become the industry standard in aerial roof measurements.

Dave and Chris were instrumental in the early success of EagleView’s launch. Their vision and inspiration helped create what is now arguably one of the most successful technology companies in America.

I previously noted that EagleView was in a significant patent infringement suit against ISO’s Verisk in EagleView Patent Case Against Verisk and XactwareEagleView won. Verisk eventually settled the matter by purchasing EagleView for a very large sum of money.

April and David have an active passion for restoration work. He is not resting. David is now back in the insurance restoration business working as a contractor. He also has a few other technology companies working on various aspects of insurance claims. Since their engagement, I have met with and started a relationship with David. I have received his late-night idea calls, which so many others familiar with David also receive. 

April Hall is still busy consulting with restoration contractors and working on her conferences. Her website notes a little about her history:

April Hall is the President of Storm Consultants, LLC and the SRC Summit. April has been helping storm restoration contractors succeed through live events since 2011. April’s background started in the construction industry. She grew up with her family building custom built homes and worked with them for years. She opened her first Roofing & Construction company Oklahoma during college where she was the majority owner.

After four years they sold the business and got back into home building. Years later they saw a need for a standardized training in the insurance restoration business. They created the industry’s first insurance restoration sales training. April went on the scale the business and opened Storm Consultants LLC to run specialized industry related topics such as the Overhead and Profit Seminar.

April also created the IRC Summit which has now evolved to the SRC Summit. This industry event is like none other. April’s aim is to help storm restoration contractors succeed all which maintaining the highest level of integrity for their customers and business. The SRC Summit is geared toward best business practices in the insurance restoration industry. Her team of experts will lead you through time tested concepts and applications to help you achieve more and be the best you can be in business and in life.

I predict that this union will impact the insurance restoration industry. April and David are very entrepreneurial, hardworking, and creative. They are certainly players and influence leaders for insurance restoration contractors. 

Thought For The Day 

The construction of a building is an act of optimism and a stake in the future. It says as much about the people who build it as those who will eventually inhabit it. 

—Paul Goldberger