My last blog provided a few tips for making the NET Work at TAPIA. I just did my self-assessment and believe I had a great conference. Here’s what I asked myself:

  • Did I learn anything new?
  • Did I hit my networking targets?
  • Did I get his/her business card?
  • Will they remember meeting me?
  • Did I plan a follow up meeting?
  • Did I make the NET-Work?

I usually do the self-assessment right after the conference, but this time was a little different. I had a wonderful dinner with Ches Bostick of Abba Claims, Curtis Hordge of National Adjustment Services and my good friends at Southwind Public Adjusters. I left the dinner feeling like a business dinner turned into a wonderful family meal. I try not to presume everyone else feels the evening was as enjoyable and successful until I get some kind of confirmation. Thankfully, the next morning, my dinner guests told me how much they enjoyed the evening and were delighted they accepted my invitation. What a relief! There is nothing worse than regretting that you accepted a dinner invitation. So, I got the feeling that I needed to expand my checklist. Here’s what I came up with:

  • Did I get instant feed-back from my dinner guests?
    • If No, then: Just ask for feed-back.
    • If Yes, then: Was the compliment genuine or just polite?
    • If you’re not sure, then ask yourself: What is the likelihood that they’ll accept another invitation?

I added these questions after a successful dinner, but they will likely change over time. I may just consider myself lucky because I sat next to a kindred spirit, Kelli Rogers, President of Southwind Public Adjusters. Not only did Kelli compliment the dinner the next morning, but she also made my week when she sent me a hand-written note after TAPIA thanking me for a wonderful time. We all have different ways of measuring success, but I can absolutely mark the TAPIA 2014 Spring Conference as a successful conference.