The seminar our firm hosted for public adjusters went extremely well, with very practical information exchanged between adjusters, engineers, and attorneys. The Texas Department of Insurance had an attorney from its enforcement division attend. I felt it was a significant learning experience for her as well. Most people do not understand how complicated evaluating damage and investigating coverage matters can be. I am certain anybody not familiar with claims handling who attends one our claims seminars quickly appreciates that insurance adjusting is a demanding job….if done correctly and ensuring that full benefits are paid promptly.

Ginger Loeffler, the Texas Department of Insurance attorney who attended the seminar, and Steve Augustine, of the Texas Department of Insurance, need the help of TWIA customers, independent adjusters, public adjusters, experts, contractors, and anybody with information regarding TWIA claims handling and conduct to contact them as soon as possible.

Their contact info is:

Texas Department of Insurance
333 Guadalupe, P.O. Box 149104
Mail Code 110-1A
Austin, TX 78701-9104
Phone: (512) 322-3428
Fax: (512) 4751772

I urge consumers and others with complaints and information about adjusters and experts in the field saying one thing and TWIA claims managers saying another to contact the TDI attorneys as soon as possible.

I also urge those who are contacted or who anticipate being contacted to tell the truth and not do anything to destroy evidence. Advising others not to provide information, to destroy internal information, or to lie can be a criminal act. I suspect that some claims managers are subtly suggesting that those involved with claims provide a “sanitized” version of reality. This is not an insignificant investigation or a civil lawsuit where all kinds of “gamesmanship” seems to be allowed and encouraged to protect the company. Doing anything in a conspiracy to avoid the truth when authorities are investigating matters could result in criminal prosecution.