It is hard enough under the best of circumstances to beat the insurance company lobbyists and attorneys who bring all kinds of arguments and propaganda to the halls of legislatures and in courts to judges. But it is worse when policyholder attorneys systemically act in an unethical manner and create facts to back up those otherwise frivolous arguments.

Scot Strems and others in his firm have apparently acted in such an unethical systemic manner that the Florida Supreme Court is closing the practice on an emergency basis to protect the public.

The Petition of the Florida Bar should be read by those in the property insurance claims business. It is extraordinary for several reasons, not the least being affidavits by judges indicating Strems and other lawyers appear to be “gaming” insurance litigation. It is shameful because such conduct hurts everybody—insurers and policyholders.

The Florida Supreme Court acted quickly and closed the practice with an Order granting the temporary relief requested by the Florida Bar pending completion of the full grievance investigation.

I never like seeing this type of systemic activity by lawyers. It is not acceptable and is embarrassing. However, to the extent it exists, certainly everybody trying to play by the rules and do the right by the people they represent are happy to see the Florida Bar take swift action. Sometimes, those playing by the rules report this type of conduct and nothing seems to happen to stop the repetitive activity. It is refreshing to see an authority take action to stop it immediately.

Thought For The Day

Non-violence leads to the highest ethics, which is the goal of all evolution. Until we stop harming all other living beings, we are still savages.
—Thomas A. Edison