Former State Farm adjusters laugh during speeches I give when the topic of State Farm operation guides arises. State Farm uses Operation Guides to make processes for every activity it does. Most insurance companies have these. The funny thing about State Farm’s is that if printed out, they can literally take up twenty feet of pure paper—and this is just for claims.

The operation guide for appraisal is a public record. Most people do not know or cannot afford how to access this public record. But, following up on my last two blog posts, here is the link if you are interested to read it.

I have read a lot of internal insurance claims management memos regarding how claims departments want to conduct appraisals. This operation guide is not significantly different than most. But I also cannot comment on the internal ones where insurance companies analyze the effectiveness of how they implement claims processes to save on costs and reduce claims severity.

I want readers of this blog and policyholders of State Farm to understand what to expect about State Farm appraisals. This is why I am making this public document more accessible.

If you ask me, the “Good Neighbor” should offer their customers this document so they can see how they instruct their claims representatives, who are supposed to serve the customers of State Farm, about how their claim is in going to be handled in good faith once it is in an appraisal.

What do you think?

Thought For The Day

Definition of good neighbor: someone to be trusted; a courteous, friendly source of help when help is needed; someone you can count on; someone who cares.
—Edward B. Rust, Jr.