I have been in a networking seminar regarding Safeco and Liberty Mutual insurance companies all day. One of my colleagues provided me some materials from State Farm. I am posting a couple of them for your review.

The important aspect of these internal documents is how close State Farm comes to complete agreement with me regarding the obligations of good faith claims conduct. Susan Hood, the top claims official for State Farm indicated in part:

Explaining coverages. It’s such an important part of our job in Claims to explain to our policyholders all coverages available to them. This can be complex sometimes, but we must take time to thoroughly review the policy and circumstances of the loss in order to ensure our policyholders receive the full benefits of their coverages according to the terms of their policy. This is just the right thing to do. When a claim is not covered, we must promptly and courteously explain why.

Investigation and evaluation. Thorough investigation, evaluation, and timely resolution of a claim also are critical parts of what we do. By knowing the facts of the loss and understanding the terms of the policy, we are able to make sure our customers receive the benefits available to them. Our evaluations must be objective, and each claim must be evaluated on its own merits.

State Farm should be congratulated for teaching its adjusters these ethical practices. It is important for attorneys, judges and the public to appreciate that insurers recognize they owe these good faith obligations to their customers.