Consumer Reports published an article this month revealing the results of its survey of customer satisfaction with homeowner’s insurance and tips on coverage and exclusions to be aware of when purchasing insurance for your home.

As I have mentioned in previous posts, there are a few insurers that consistently provide the coverage and customer service they promise

The survey also confirms what those of us in the property insurance industry already knew, Allstate is not living up to its advertised promises or its customers’ expectations.

Admittedly, the Consumer Reports article did not discuss whether some customers were partially to blame for their dissatisfaction with their insurers. Even the best insurance is truly beneficial only when the right coverage is purchased. Likewise, even if a consumer does not have access to the top three insurers, by carefully reviewing the policy with an understanding of the relevant terms and exclusions, he or she can buy great coverage. Some previous posts (Spring Storms and Tornadoes in Mississippi Serve as a Reminder: Review and Update Your Policy for Overlooked BenefitsThree Factors Homeowners Must Consider When Updating their insurance for hurricane season) have explained the terms and necessary coverage.

Their final advice cannot be overstated:

Read your policy and any other correspondence. Ask your agent to explain anything you don’t understand.