At least some people in the Federal Government are listening to the people. National Flood Program managers made a wise and fair decision extending the Flood Proof of Loss deadline until April 28, 2014.

The extension states:

Because NFIP policyholders may have encountered difficulties filing a timely proof of loss, I am further extending the amount of time an insured must submit a complete, signed and sworn to proof of loss (with all documentation to fully support the claim attached) an additional six (6) months. After this further extension, the total time allowed from the date of loss is now eighteen (18) months. The authority for this waiver is found in Paragraph D of the General Conditions section of each SFIP and 44 C.F.R.§ 61.13(D).

This bulletin does not constitute a blanket waiver of the Proof of Loss requirements of the SFIP. All other provisions of Bulletin W-12092a shall apply.

* * * *

For Example: When the date of loss for the Meteorological Event Sandy flood claim is October 29, 2012, the policyholder must send a complete signed and sworn-to proof of loss, attaching all documentation to fully support their claim such as paid receipts or invoices for completed repairs; detailed, itemized (room by room) unit cost, contractor’s estimate; photographs of damage or of repairs completed or in progress; and any other relevant documents the insurer. With this further extension, the proof of loss for any additional amounts claimed by the insured over and above what has previously been allowed and paid, with supporting documentation, must be received by the insurer on or before April 28, 2014.

Interestingly, the notice also designated Russ Tinsley as the person to whom individuals should direct questions. Russ has been at the flood insurance claim business for a long time and is a great guy. You can email him at I am happy not to be in his claims position because there are a lot of people with many difficult claims questions.