Victor Jacobellis, Amy Bach, Chip Merlin, & Stephanie Poli

United Policyholders is the largest and oldest charitable organization serving the interests of policyholders. The photo above shows us with Amy Bach at Monday night’s Tee UP 2018 fundraising event for United Policyholders in San Francisco.

A number of the more moving speeches on Monday night focused on the Roadmap to RecoveryTM program sponsored by United Policyholders. Following a major catastrophe, people are numb. They have lost so much, their community is devastated, and most do not have a playbook for the steps to be taken and what to expect. The Roadmap to RecoveryTM is specifically designed to address those issues.

Since 1991 our Roadmap to Recovery™ program has been improving disaster recovery by providing free insurance and decision-making guidance, tools and resources to people, businesses and communities. The program includes our online library of claim tips, sample letters, reports, instructional videos, professional help directory, and articles written by leading experts in personal finance, construction and the law.

Our Volunteers, Board and Staff, (Team UP), Roadmap to Recovery workshops, Disaster Recovery Handbook, and various long term recovery services have a proven track record of helping people navigate and overcome challenges and regain financial and personal stability.

Public officials, agencies and non-profit partners rely on UP’s consumer-oriented insurance and legal expertise to assist constituents and clients and restore devastated communities. Team UP is a national corps of volunteers who are experts in insurance, personal finance, construction, law, health and disaster recovery.

Merlin Law Group attorney Larry Bache wrote about the recovery following a major disaster and the emotional aspect of what people go through and provided various links for help in, Survivor to Survivor ListServ Helps Policyholders with the Emotional Side of a Property Loss. He noted:

Helping policyholders when their home or business has been damaged or destroyed can be especially heart wrenching during the holidays. Due to the way some insurance companies handle claims, some of our corporate clients cannot run their businesses or run them at max efficiency during this holiday season. Many of our homeowners with damaged or destroyed homes were eating Thanksgiving dinner at a place that was nothing like ‘home.’

Handling a claim that disrupts your daily life or damages your business can be very stressful for all of our clients. Insurance companies give policyholders promises in the form of a policy. When the policy is not honored, there is also the added emotional component that can take a toll on insureds in addition to the breach of the insurance policy.

Hurricane Michael and Hurricane Florence survivors and victims should look to United Policyholders for help and education.

We have been losing long-term supporters of United Policyholders. Those looking to give money to an organization where you know your money will help disaster survivors recover their insurance benefits, we would encourage you and your friends to contribute to United Policyholders. Here is a link to do so.