Holidays will be different for all this year, but for many in Puerto Rico it will also be a reminder of the beginning of a series of earthquakes that shook Puerto Rico from December 28, 2019, to mid-February 2020. There are still many people that have been unable to return to their homes or place of work due to the structural damages caused by these earthquakes. And many inspections and repairs were paused due to the COVID-19 Pandemic lockdowns.

Insureds can still submit claims to their carriers for damages caused by these earthquakes. First, it is important to confirm you have a copy of your policy and verify which are the coverages and exclusions that apply to earthquake damage. Once you know this information, gather all evidence related to the damages, including but not limited to, photos of the damages, estimates, repairs or mitigation invoices and receipts. It is important to identify and distinguish all the damages caused by the earthquakes from pre-existing damages caused by other events such as the hurricanes.

Then, regardless of your deductible, file an earthquake claim with your insurance company and provide any further information required, as well as access to their adjusters to make a proper inspection of the damages. Be patient and understand that you will need professional help to determine all damages, including hidden damages that might have affected the foundation and property structure.