Jeff and Jessica Carter

Panama City attorney Jeff Carter has joined Merlin Law Group in its Panama City office. While I lived in Panama City and attended Mosley High School, I have always found that it helps to have local attorneys with fine reputations in our firm who team up and use Merlin Law Group’s longstanding experience and dedication only to policyholders. Unlike other law firms that advertise and practice many areas of law, representing policyholders is all we do. Merlin Law Group is known as The Policyholder’s Advocate® for a reason.

This is what Jeff Carter has to say about his new venture:

I am happy to have partnered with Chip Merlin and the Merlin Law Group to bring their national storm and disaster expertise directly to those in the Panhandle affected by Hurricane Michael. Chip is no stranger to Bay County and the issues we continue to face after the storm. His father was stationed on the USCG Dependable, bringing Chip to Bay County where he attended Moseley High School and raced sailboats for the St. Andrews Bay Yacht Club. Chip and his firm have represented policyholders across the United States and Puerto Rico for over 30 years. From individual homeowners to clients as big as the Port of New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina, their longstanding reputation and experience in this particular niche of the law is unsurpassed. Together, we are excited to combine our experience to help our local communities rebuild after the storm.

Have you ever dreamed of playing a guitar on stage? Jeff is from a family of musicians. While I am certain Jeff’s clients in the Panhandle are far better off because of Jeff’s decision to study law, it is certainly unique to have an attorney in the firm that plays guitar and performs as well he does:

As noted in Hurricane Michael Brings Back Memories of Living in Panama City, Florida, and a Tip About Damaged Photograph Claims, Panama City and the surrounding areas have provided me with many fond memories. I am very pleased that we have been able to associate with a person of such genuine high character as Jeff Carter.

Taking care of and doing right for people is what good lawyering is all about. Jeff and I talked about allowing insurance companies time to get their claims settled in Panama City and the Florida panhandle before suggesting that policyholders need legal representation. Those still suffering the frustration and understandable anger of not being paid fully or promptly can now reach out to Jeff Carter and others with Merlin Law Group with questions and we can develop strategies about how to end the frustrations caused by slow and low paying insurance companies.

Thought For The Day

“Two things Florida can teach the other 49 states: how to make a good margarita and how to deal with the aftermath of a hurricane.”
—Tom Feeney

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