The 2020 hurricane season began June 1, 2020. It is important for adjusters to prepare themselves now on state-specific policy provisions and statutory language that can impact coverage in the event of another hurricane or named storm this season.

On July 6, 2020, North Carolina’s Department of Insurance, through its Commissioner, Mike Causey, issued Bulletin 20-B-09 to inform all property and casualty insurance companies and adjusting firms on the procedures to follow if a catastrophic event occurs in North Carolina. The NCDOI requires all catastrophic (CAT) adjusters to carry proper identification to access a declared disaster area. All adjusters will be required to show their NCDOI identification badge upon request.

In addition, the NCDOI encourages all CAT adjusters to take a new CAT course outlining specific North Carolina insurance and building code requirements. The course addresses key issues and challenges in North Carolina that may affect coverage and how to best address these issues for North Carolina consumers.

It is imperative adjusters familiarize themselves with these state specific requirements to lower the risk of insurance complaints. Adjusters can register for the new CAT adjuster course by clicking here.

The NCDOI will permit experienced adjusters licensed in another state, or who regularly practice in another state, to adjust claims in North Carolina without a North Carolina license only for:

  • An insurance company authorized to do business in North Carolina,
  • Emergency insurance adjustment work,
  • A period to be determined by the Commissioner,
  • An employer who is an adjuster licensed by North Carolina or who is a regular employer of one or more adjusters in North Carolina;
  • Provided the employer shall furnish to the Commissioner a notice in writing immediately upon the beginning of any such emergency insurance adjustment work.1

Companies may deploy out-of-state adjusters, who meet the above requirements, to a declared disaster area as long as the adjuster carries the NCDOI identification badge and the company provides written notification to the Licensing Section-Agent Division, including the adjuster’s name, state of residence, licensure status, state of licensure, and whether the CAT adjuster course has been completed. Companies must use the document submission form found on the North Carolina CAT Certification page in the link above, and can email the notification to

The Licensing Section-Agent Services Division can be contacted at 1204 Mail Service Center, Raleigh, North Carolina 27699 or (919) 807-6800 for questions.
1 N.C. Gen. Stat. §58-33-70(e).