While Florida’s political leaders have taken away policyholders’ traditional rights and protections by passing recent anti-policyholder laws, as discussed in Florida’s New Anti-Policyholder SB 76 Signed Into Law By Governor DeSantis, Louisiana has doubled down on traditional policyholder rights which are standard throughout the country by passing Louisiana Act 345 (fka HB 591).

In short, the new Louisiana law makes clear that:

1. Insurance companies cannot demand policyholders use preferred venders or designated restoration companies to perform repairs. Policyholders can select their own restoration contractors.

2. Requires the payment of general contractor overhead and profit payment if a general contractor’s services are reasonably required. The law requires overhead and payment as well as sales tax to be included in any determination of actual cash value.

3. Mandates that policies issued after January 1, 2022, have appraisal as part of the policy.

This may not sound like earth shattering legislation since these laws conform with what most of the country is doing. But it shows that Louisiana’s legislature and Governor are not going to let the insurance lobby roll over policyholder rights.

Here is the Louisiana Act 345.

Thought For The Day

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