National Flood Insurance officials should be congratulated and thanked for extending the Superstorm Sandy proof of loss deadline. This was an unprecedented extension. While it is almost an American trait to criticize our governmental leaders no matter how progressive their actions are, it would be a sad day when we do not thank them by recognizing appropriate actions and decisions which help fellow citizens and the Country.

The National Flood Insurance Policy incorporated many clauses historically found in standard property insurance policies. One of those is the sixty day deadline to file a proof of loss. I bet nobody can prove to me how or why such a short deadline exists. In the modern era of insurance, deadlines to notify the insurer seem much more important and material than the time to file pieces of paper and documentation which the insurer should determine itself if it was put on notice of a loss and then honestly adjusted the reported loss.

As reported in Superstorm Sandy Proof of Loss Deadline Extended Until October 29, 2014, David L. Miller is the person officially signing the extension. He gets a Chip Merlin Gold Star for his correct decision and action. He is not the only one, but it is hard to figure out how these things happen in Washington, DC.

So, I thank all politicians, clients, policyholders, friends and other consumer advocates who wrote and called for the need of this extension. Our work and request worked! But it only worked because some in a government for and by the people listened to a reasoned and legitimate request.

So, to all those in governmental office that helped make this extension possible:


It is significant to many that are trying to get their homes and businesses restored.

Those that helped make this happen should feel great about what they have done.

Positive Thought for the Day:

No one has ever become poor by giving.
   – Anne Frank