I was crying as the verdict was read in the Phoenix federal district courthouse. So was my client. We won a very hard fought multi-million dollar hailstorm trial against Travelers. It came only because of hard work. The short video above is of our client explaining why we won.

Phillip Sanov was the lead trial attorney. I decided that new Merlin Law Group trial attorney, Mike Poli, should take my place after hearing views from a focus group. I relegated myself to the trial "bullpen" and presented the direct examination of only one rebuttal witness after taking the majority of the depositions. We won the case because we worked harder and smarter than very hard working and very smart counsel for Travelers.

Travelers is a well-funded corporation and has a stable of great trial attorneys if it decides to make a point and go to trial rather than settle. I am lucky to have Phillip Sanov and Mike Poli working with me or we would never have won. We also had attorneys Shane Smith, Kesha Hodge, Jeffrey Zane, Lawrence Moon, Monica Lindstrom, Jean Niven, Mary Fortson, and Ruck DeMinico working on this case—you need a village and a big wallet to beat Travelers.

I will write more about this victory later. I have emphasized that our firm should pursue resolution through trial whenever insurers adjust claims in a manner that delays, under values, or wrongfully denies a covered loss. If insurers do not understand that their insureds are represented by attorneys who will competently, aggressively, and ethically litigate these claims, they may be tempted to adjust claims in a manner that favors the company’s bottom line and not their insured’s best interests.

Positive Thought For The Day

"All right Mister, let me tell you what winning means? you’re willing to go longer, work harder, give more than anyone else." 
           —Vince Lombardi