The aftermath of Hurricane Ian is far from over for many public adjusters still handling unresolved Hurricane Ian claims. Whether you are a seasoned public adjuster or a relative newcomer to the profession, many are caught in the quagmire of unresolved claims tied to this devastating event for many reasons. I mentioned that our firm is holding seminars across Florida in yesterday afternoon’s post, Attention Public Adjusters: Urgent Reminder on Upcoming Deadline for National Flood Proofs of Loss. If you are handling a Hurricane Ian national flood insurance claim and have not read that post, stop. Click on that right now and read what I wrote. Even if you filed the proof of loss, please stop and read that post.

These are not going to be a—send your files to me—type of seminar. For example, many public adjusters have many of their clients’ cases rightfully in appraisal. How do you put your client’s best case forward in appraisal with a given set of circumstances? I will personally be at each of these seminars and will gladly tell you what I have seen and heard that is working for a full policyholder recovery in appraisal. 

The insurance company adjusters reading this blog post but who are not attending these seminars, you should also hope your Hurricane Ian customers are receiving full recovery in appraisal rather than hiring outcome-oriented and unethical appraisers. Some insurance companies now score umpires and only agree to select those with the lowest severity.       

The Critical Role of Expertise in an Ever-Changing Language and Regulatory Landscape

The adage, “Knowledge is power,” rings especially true in the domain of insurance law, a field continually reshaped by new statutes, regulations, and case law. Florida insurance regulators are allowing whatever language insurance companies want to write into new policies. They change the way public adjusters measure loss and handle claims. The new intricate jargon can easily trip up even the most seasoned public adjuster. Mere surface-level understanding is insufficient; you need in-depth reflection about what those terms mean to serve your clients optimally.

Recent changes in insurance laws drastically affect the landscape of how claims need to be handled.  While many of the 2022 Florida Session changes will not impact Hurricane Ian, three prior sessions of legislative change will. We will cover recent laws and show how they directly impact claims handling by public adjusters and damages arising from Hurricane Ian. 

The focus will be on a deep dive into new statutes, regulations, insurance policy language, and the changing case law, which directly affects how claims related to Hurricane Ian should be adjusted and presented.    

A Closer Look at Roof Damage Claims

Roof damage claims are among the most contested and intricate damage losses arising from Hurricane Ian. Our seminar will delve into this topic, providing nuanced strategies to help you navigate complex roofing material evaluations, building codes, and calculation methodologies.

Q&A Roundtable: A Unique Opportunity to Consult Experts

The seminar will have an extended Q&A session led by our senior attorneys, who have an expansive portfolio in resolving property insurance disputes. This roundtable will allow you to dissect complex scenarios, ask intricate questions, and receive expert advice on tackling specific challenges.

Our attorneys will also offer personalized consultations after the seminar. This is an additional opportunity to discuss any unique challenges you might be facing in your practice.

I also find that in question-and-answer type of roundtables, collaborative ideas and efforts to help your policyholder clients and combat bad faith insurance practices are exchanged. Share your questions, learn new approaches, and forge alliances that may even lead to joint endeavors with others you will meet.

Merlin Law Group

When it comes to experience and knowledge, Merlin Law Group remains unparalleled in the arena of hurricane insurance claims. Even our peers—rival firms and insurance company counsel—recognize our expertise, evident by their regular engagement with our industry-leading blog.  There are many fine property insurance attorneys in Florida, but we have been supporting and educating public adjusters longer and with a greater commitment than anybody. I strongly urge you to attend the FAPIA conference next month, and this is not a replacement for that event. But it is hard to have a one-on-one conversation where I can focus on cases at FAPIA, and these seminars fill that void.         

Summary, Registration, and Next Steps

Don’t let another day of frustration with Hurricane Ian-related claims pass. Equip yourself and help your policyholder clients with actionable tools. Register today for one of Merlin Law Group’s specialized seminars and gain the edge you need to succeed. For more information and to register, visit Merlin Law Group’s Hurricane Ian Seminars registration page.

Thought For The Day  

Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young.

—Henry Ford