Mark Houser President and Founder of PANA & Chip Merlin

Mark Houser recently visited our firm. We had an interesting discussion about the state of affairs with public adjuster training and education. We also discussed how his association, Property Adjustment National Association was faring.

I last mentioned Houser’s efforts with PANA in PANA– A New Public Adjuster Association. In September 2018, I gave a speech at a conference Houser sponsored and I came away impressed with the type of education which was provided since it was so down to earth. Reviewing Mark Houser’s new website, I noticed that I gave a quick interview about my impression at the end of the day:

My lasting memory of that day was listening to Steve Patrick’s presentation. He made practical suggestions for dealing with independent and company adjusters. His one presentation was worth the price of admission. I do not mean to say that my co-presenters did not have very valuable information, but Patrick’s lessons hit a home run with me that day.

Fortunately for PANA, Mark Houser told me that Steve Patrick is on its Board of Directors. Houser is currently planning his national convention this November. While I disagreed with Mark on the state of affairs with other public adjuster groups which I find to be thriving, we find a common agreement that practical public adjuster training and education is a paramount concern.

If he has Steve Patrick working with him, I can guarantee that at least one presentation at his annual conference and training will touch deeply into some of those interpersonal aspects sometimes overlooked in other educational forums and presentations.

Thought Of the Day From PANA’s Website:

Today is only one day in all the days that will ever be. But what will happen in all the other days that ever come can depend on what you do today.

—Ernest Hemmingway