While I have often said that appraisal is the Wild West of insurance claims resolution because there are no written rules, I suggest readers of this blog take a few minutes to read a bill pending in the Louisiana legislature1 and ponder the question I never thought I would say: 

Are We Better Off With No Written Rules When It Comes To Appraisal Other State Common Law? 

In a way, the proposed law is trying to prevent people from having any conflicts of interest as an appraiser or umpire. The pool of available and experienced appraisers and umpires is going to be pretty small as I read the bill. The parties will have inexperienced people trying to resolve disputed property insurance claims because the experienced ones will be conflicted out of participating as the current proposed law is written. 

The proposed Louisiana law seems to contemplate that the only losses are those to real property because there is no provision for appointing accountants in a business interruption suit, coin experts regarding the value of collectible coins, etc.  The drafter obviously has little experience regarding the variety of losses that are disputed. 

What do you think about this Louisiana bill regarding appraisal? Should states start making written rules for appraisal? 

Thought For The Day 

Time changes everything except something within us which is always surprised by change.

—Thomas Hardy

1 H.B 604, La., Regular Session (2023).